Save Rosia Montana!

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The Save Rosia Montana Campaign is the connection between a local opposition in Rosia Montana, Romania, manifested in the association Alburnus Maior, and activists from all over Romania fighting against Europe's biggest, to be, opencast gold mine planned in Rosia Montana. Rosia Montana is a village in the Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania region, Romania, and it is the oldest documented mining settlement in Romania (about 1,880 years old). 'Alburnus Maior' is a grassroots NGO based in Rosia Montana village, Transylvania Region, Romania. It was founded in September 2000 and it regroups 300 families of peasants from Rosia Montana village and Bucium neighbouring village, to oppose the largest gold mine proposal in Europe which entails the destruction of Rosia Montana and its surroundings. Alburnus Maior is the initiator of the 'Save Rosia Montana' campaign. The association's opposition is based on social, environmental, cultural and economic grounds. Strong local opposition to the gold mining project emerged almost immediately in the year of 2000 when Canadian junior mining company, Gabriel Resources, announced its intentions to destroy the historic village of Rosia Montana by building the largest opencast gold mine in Europe. Resistance to the project has since spread across Romania. During over 10 years of resistance, Alburnus Maior, through the Save Rosia Montana Campaign has successfully mobilized thousands of people and has so far kept the mine from being realized.