Save Palestine's Wadi Fuqeen

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Sandwiched between the Israeli Apartheid Wall and illegal Israeli settlements that are built on stolen Palestinian land, the village of Wadi Fuqeen is in danger of extinction by strangulation. Israeli land theft intended to facilitate the expansion of the illegal Jewish settlements of Hadar Betar and Beitar Illit is threatening the very existence of Wadi Fuqeen. The village has also long been suffering from sewage being regularly dumped on its farmland by Jewish settlers. And now the Jewish settlement has has begun to dump concrete-like substances from a quarry on to the village, ruining what's left of the Palestinian farms. On 2 January 2012, the villagers of Wadi Fuqeen received a totally unexpected notification saying that the Israeli authorities intend to confiscate yet more land from them. The notification, which had a map attached to it, says that Israel intends to confiscate part of remaining village lands to enable construction of the final stage of the separation wall - which will eventually go around them on three sides in a triangle shape. Raising international awareness of the plight of Wadi Fuqeen -- the land theft by the Israelis, the encroaching illegal Jewish settlements, the dumping of sewage by the settlements on village farms, the strangulation by Israeli roadblocks, is vital for the village's survival.