Protests against police violence in São Paulo

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The protests in São Paulo started because the bus ticket prices increased. But when the police started a strong movement of oppression against peaceful protesters, preventing them from freely circulating around town with the only intention to show their discontent with the politics and corruption in the city, things started to get serious as marches felt in their own skin acts of violence similar to those that happened during Brazil's military dictatorship period, which began more than 40 years ago. A few protesters have destroyed public patrimony, and this is being used as an excuse for the shock troops to shoot rubber bullets and moral-effect gas grenades at all kinds of people: journalists, peaceful protesters and even common citizens who were just walking by one of the most crowded regions of the city (around Paulista Ave). Because of this act of aggression by the police, now it is not only about the 20 cents raise of the tickets. People now protest against the absurd way the mayor is addressing the situation. Journalists and reporters are being arrested. People are being jailed for carrying vinegar in their backpacks. It is all being documented by the people and the TV stations, but there hasn't been a single change in police conduct since it all started last week. Through this CrowdVoice channel, we intend to share with Brazilians and the world what has been happening and hasn't been shown in major TV broadcasts. When the night begins, the streets are only filled with protesters, waiting for the troops to come in a civil war-like state.