Protests Against Monsanto

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On May 25, 2013, activists across the globe held protests against multinational American biotech company Monsanto, which specializes in engineering GMO seed and potent chemicals for use on crops. Critics worry Monsanto’s engineered food may have dangerous repercussions to the health of people and planet, threatening biodiversity and financially strangling farmers. Patents, lobbying, and legislative protection allow the agribusiness giant to have a virtual global monopoly, effectively ending the concept of large-scale food democracy. Monsanto sells genetically copyrighted seed to farmers at as much as a 1000% price increase over traditional varieties, promising improved yield, disease, and pest resistance. Indebtedness due to seeds as intellectual property has resulted in the loss of many farms, particularly in the developing world. Monsanto has a lengthy history of suing farmers for trying to save its patented seed, creating a culture of fear that ensures farmers pay for new seed year after year.