Injustice in Ontario Family Law

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Family law in Ontario professes to to protect the best interest of the children. In my experience, this is not always true. The family courts in Ontario always seem to pay more attention to the needs of the mother than the child. Justice has no place in these courts. As much as the law attempts to balance the needs of the mother and father, these laws are being applied by lawyers, judges, mediators, counsellors etc. that are conditioned by society to favour the mother. Fathers are always burdoned with having to prove why they deserve to be given access to or custody of their children. Mother on the other hand only have to show why a father should not be given custody or access. Lawyers make every effort to cloud the issue by attacking the father and often times with false allegations, knowing full well that there is little to no consequences when their allegations are shown to be false. Mediators tend to lean in the direction of the Law firm that use their services more often. If you are not satisfied with a decision made by a mediator, you would have to pay the same mediator additional feel to hear your appeal. How does this process encourage mediators to make a clear and just decision the first time? Judges are fully aware of these games that are being played in their court rooms, but do very little to correct the situation. Their decisions are based on who they think is more believable. However these Judges deal with lawyers that they have worked with over many years and like in any social situation, people tend to favor some people over others. Judges are human and although they would not admit to it, they sometimes tend to do the same. Lawyers from apposing parties often times fave a longer relationship with the opposing lawyer than the they do with their clients. They may come up against the same lawyer in court many times during the course of their career. The lawyers relationship with other lawyers and judges has a bigger influence on the success or failure of their career than their relationship with their client. In all of this, where does the best interest of the children stand?