March 26 London Protests

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UK has got the largest deficit in any developed country, and the coalition government, lead by the conservative leader David Cameroon, has to respond with austerity measures. However, massive protests have fired in March 2011, fighting against austerity measures by the new coalition government. The protests escalated through March, and on 26 March 2011 "March for the Alternative" protests coordinated by the Trades Union Congress with crowds approaching 400,000 people took to London's streets, especially Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park. Workers, trade unions, and black-bloc anarchists have protested against public spending cuts. Some destructive attacks took place against F&M, Topshop, HSBC, Ritz, and many others. Scotland Yard has arrested +200 rioters, and several casualties reported. However, the rioters, many of them members of the group UK Uncut and the Socialist Workers Party, were unconnected with the vast majority of peaceful demonstrators.