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Displacements and Evictions in South Asia

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Evictions of people from their homes are taking place routinely across countries in South Asia including Sri Lanka, Bangaldesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and India. There is minimal legal protection for the rights of people, whether indigenous people living in forests that have been their home or people who have settled in slums in cities. Often eviction worsens the conditions of their access to healthcare, education and sanitation, and women and children are particularly effected. Large development projects proposed by the State or companies including building dams, mining projects, steel plants are often the cause of eviction. In cities, beautification and gentrification of the city often pushes slum dwellers to the outskirts in spite of the effect it has on their livelihood and standard of living. Movements and protests take place against these evictions and national and international pleas are made for justice within the judicial system and outside, but people's lives continue to be ruthlessly disrupted without adequate rehabilitation or compensation.